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valerosha :

Это гениально

« Как я буду сдавать часть С в ЕГЭ по анлийскому »

Dear motherfucker Bob,

I hate your fucking letters! I’ve told you a hundred times I don’t want to receive your shitty papers anymore! And I don’t give a fuck about your chess tournament! Hope you’ll lose it, bitch!

In your letter you asked me about technology. I wasn’t sure about whether you’re a complete idiot or not, but now I’m quite confident. You ask me how to use computers?! Well, it’s very simple. First of all, take your notebook, put it right into your washing machine and push “Start”. That will make your computer work better, for sure. Then you can play a game on your computer! The game is called “Try to run an operating system”. Believe me, it’s awesome. That’s how you’re supposed to use technology in your life, cunt. Write this in your report.

Well, fuck off! It’s time for my favorite TV show. Wish you die!

All my fucking love,


Имя автора неизвестно, взяла с tasty.

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Действительно, это просто гениально! :)

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